Test Results

Your doctor will advise you how long you can expect your test results to be processed. It is the patients responsibility to call for their results. If your test results show that you need more tests or treatment, we will contact you.

Once a doctor has reviewed your test results, you can view them:

  • in your NHS account (through the NHS website or NHS App)
  • phone or visit us between 10:00am to 6:00pm and we will tell you what the results are

Questions about your results

If you want to talk to someone about your results, submit an online consultation form and someone will be in touch.

Booking your blood test

The surgery provides phlebotomy services for patients over 16 years.

Adult blood tests can be booked at Edgware Community Hospital between 9:00am and 4:45pm. You can call 020 8732 6899 to book.